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Dilbert on Estate Plans — Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, recently produced an estate planning-related comic.


Estate Planning Jokes — Warning: only lawyers will think this is funny.


Click here for a Grant Morris Dodds Estate Planning word search.


In the following video Mr. Grant sings a beloved song from the acclaimed movie Nacho Libre.  In this scene, Nacho, a Mexican monk who is in love with a Catholic nun, sings a song written by him while he was in exile in the wilderness.  While Mr. Grant does not endorse the breaking of solemn vows in any way, he does have empathy and understanding for any monk wanting a forbidden kiss from the nun of his dreams.  To enjoy a free in-person concert, simply contact our offices today.  Yes…you heard right…not only will you receive a free estate, business, or asset protection consultation by calling today, you will also receive a free vocal recital with your next estate planning meeting, if you want to, that is.


In the next video, Mr. Morris really pulls out all the stops!  In these short vignettes, Bob plays the part of Ignacio, a Catholic monk living the secret double life of a luchador (wrestler).  In the fourth scene, Ignacio’s secret is revealed when his robe catches fire during a prayer, exposing his wrestling costume and his second identity: Nacho.  You will certainly want to laugh…to cry…and then to call this budding actor to assist you with all your probate and guardianship needs.


Michael Jackson’s Will — Now you have his autograph.


Elvis’ Will — Not that we can confirm he is actually dead.


Last Will and Testament of a Jewish Man (click here to read).


Last Will and Testament of a Jewish Woman (click here to read).


10 Strange Last Wills and Testaments.  Read about the Wills of Harry Houdini, Leona Helmsley, Doris Duke and others.

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